Thursday, January 31, 2008


i can't help it....i love the show LOST!! and to all you other LOST fans out there, i know you understand. a few of my friends and i have come to the conclusion that with LOST, the more you watch, the less you know! drives me crazy. but anyways, the season premiere is tonight! chuck and i are so excited. i am actually going to record it. i'm going to watch it with chuck and then i'm going to start it again and watch at the sametime as my pacific time zone friends. that way, i can call and we can analyze during the commercials!! i know it's pathetic. but it's fun...good old days! what else is there to do in eastern washington right now? they are all snowed in anyways!

Monday, January 28, 2008

just some pics

jared and i were playing today and we took some pictures. his hair is naturally like this. this is the way kurtis' grew too. a crew cut may be in jared's near future as well. i'm not really sporting my new hair style here. i didn't fix it at all today. i was late getting 2:30pm. so by that time i didn't want to waste the hair products for just a few hours of the day! i worked out tonight. it was a doozy. my friend melanie and i work out together. i usually walk the treadmill and run/jog here and there. so we've been doing this for about 3 weeks. and i've not been sore once. so i thought i should do a little more...raise the bar. so tonight, i ran more and longer. i hated it the whole time! i was so tired. but it felt good after i was done. now, my legs are mission accomplished. i did more reps with the weights as well. but i'm really not that sore. i think was stronger than i thought...i mean i do carry a big baby around alot. so we will see.

tooth fairy time!

finally, after working on this tooth for 2 weeks, the tooth came out!! he thinks he did it all himself, but he had some help from my mom. anyways, he didn't even realize that it came out. so i took him to the mirror to show him. he was super happy! the tooth fairy came and brought him a whole dollar!
it's been a good week here at the parrish's. we are in our new semester groove. kurtis is doing well in school. his teacher let him call home the other day to tell me about something good he'd accomplished. he loved it and so did i. the boys are well, and growing fast. it's a warm day today. but it's suppose to snow on thursday. not good. kurtis will be excited though. he might get out of school for the snow. hmmm we will see. good luck to our pacific northwest family and have sooooo much snow and more to come. signing off for now!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

poor baby, he gets stuck alot these days.
this blythe our neice. isn't she cute and sassy in her new sunglasses!
jared loves the swing!
and this is kurtis and his funny face. it's all he'd do for the camera that day. steph, you know what i'm talking about!

American Idol Is Back!!

yes, we love american idol! at least it's one show that is not being affected by the writer's strike. chuck and i are quite bummed about The Office.

so, new things around here...jared is sitting up now. he absolutely loves it! he loves being able to sit and play with his toys. he's also doing somewhat of an army crawl. he gets up on all fours to start crawling and then lunges forward, to fall on his face. either that, or he scoots backwards and gets caught under the couch. but he's getting better and better. i'm not really sure if i want him crawling yet. i mean i know it would relieve alot of frustration for him. but on the other hand, it will be causing me more frustration! he is also waving bye bye and hello. he's alot of fun.

yesterday, i went and got my hair cut. that was fun. he cut about 10 inches off. you know me, when i'm ready, i'm ready. i like my hair alot now. it's short and very easy to manage and take care of. not to mention that it looks so much healthier now.

chuck is enjoying school still. he's very busy already with the new semester. but that is good. to me, it means something is getting done. the two big boys are doing good as well. they are still full of energy, what else! well, i better get going. i want to eat a delicious blueberry muffin before i leave. the batch makes so many, so my lucky sister and her husband will get some too!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sweet Little Kurtis

i had gotten the boys ready for bed. teeth brushed and jammies on. jared was fussing in his bed and was ready for a bottle. but i needed to get the big boys in bed first. they had already said their prayers, all we had left was reading scriptures. well, as i started reading, blake and kurtis, as usual started talking and goofing off. so tonight, in my efforts to get kurtis to be reverent, i asked him, "how would you be sitting if Heavenly Father came in your room right now?" on his bed, he knelt down and had a huge grin on his face with open arms. it took a second for me to process, but i asked, "ready for a hug from Heavenly Father?" and of course, he told me yes. well, i couldn't really say too much after that, except that it was sweet and how wonderful that would be. but it touched my heart to see how close our little ones are to our Heavenly Father, and how they must think of Him.

Friday, January 4, 2008


new years....mean new resolutions! well, not so new i guess. i had another baby last year so that means my new year's resolution is losing weight again. fun. and for those of you that know me, you know that i hate working out. but....i love to eat. the whole losing weight thing clashes with the eating thing i know. i don't have a terrible amount to lose, but it's enough to keep me busy for a while. instead of setting my goal for the year, i've set short term. my first goal is for march. in time for the michael buble concert i'm going to in okc. so, we will see. wish me luck, you know i need it.

the kids are good. we are all adjusting back to our real life routine again. chuck doesn't go back to school for a bit still. he has plans to work in a law office for the rest of his break. he's excited about that. i guess we are all staying busy here.

i can't believe it's 2008. time has flown by to quickly. for the first time in my adult life, i feel older. i feel like i'm not a young adult anymore. even though the guy that does my hair is amazed that i don't color it, i still feel like i'm "older" now. maybe it was the 3rd kid that did me in. not sure. but maybe this weight loss thing will help...we will see!