Friday, July 18, 2008

football camp

well, kurtis' football camp was yesterday and today. it only lasted an hour and a half each day. but in the grooling heat, it seemed like all day. kurtis was just pouring sweat. he was expelling it as fast as he could drink the water. they had them do various drills and so forth. while they are doing the drills and going station to station, there are coaches evaluating the players. the draft is this sunday and we'll be contacted about which team he'll be on and so forth. this was a pretty serious thing. i mean, we had been told it was serious, but it was nothing like i expected. i only saw 2 more people with cameras the first night and then one other one tonight. this isn't the cutsie thing like t-ball is. these parents are out here to not only win, but make NFL stars out of their kids. so are the coaches. but it's not serious enough so that the kids don't have fun. so that is really good. so far, kurtis is really liking it. the coaches have pulled him over to talk to him a few times. they have been timing their 40 meters and kurtis came in under 6 last night and under 5 tonight. that's great. we are really excited for him. if you know kurtis, he's got the build for the game. it's one of those things that we just know he can do so awesome if he gives it his all. so far, he's loving it. and we are really happy about it as well. it's just so cute to see those little guys out there in all their gear. games will be coming up soon and i'll keep you updated.

this is at the end when the coach is talking to them all. kurtis has his head turned to the left.
he's in the middle with the red tape on his helmet. he'll get his Jenks sticker later.

the teething blues

hmmm...there are teething rings, frozen gogurts, Popsicles, and even numbing ointment. but what works best?? the new Reese's peanut butter cup cookies. they are an instant cure for the teething blues! i recommend them to everyone. (they also come in Hershey, toffee, and almond joy.)
must serve with milk! mmm...look at all that peanut butter! yum!