Monday, September 8, 2008

funny prayer

lastnight, as blake was praying, he asked, like always, that Heavenly Father make him "not afraid of the darkness." then he said, "wait, nevermind, i have my flashlight." it was so funny!! he was just talking with Heavenly Father.
so ever since kurtis has been in football, our lives have been scheduled around his practices, scrimmages and games. we've spent many hot evenings and nights watching football. don't get me wrong, it's been worth it and it's been fun. but realistically, our lives are Jenks Trojans Football right now. they even have the Trojan Preview. which if you are familiar with OU football, is similar to the Big Red Rally. i'm sure that other colleges do the same thing. kinda to show off all the players this year. well, in Jenks Football, there isn't just high school players. there are players from K-12. now the K-2nd graders (kurtis) are called the mighty mights. there are a little over 100 of them. then the others are divided by weight and grade. well, at the Jenks preview, all the players get to come out on the field and be introduced with their teams. afterwards, the high players come out and it's a huge deal here. lots of fun.
this is chuck and jared at the jenks preview.
kurtis and a few of his football buddies before the preview.
there is kurtis #50 with his friend. they sat along the fence getting high school players autographs. it was so cute! they look up to them so much.
this was just sat. sept. 6th. kurtis' 2nd game. it was also OU's 2nd game. so we are dressed for BOOMER SOONER!! check out jared and blake's hair!! yes, i used red hair gel. it's awesome. it went with the trojans and the sooners!!!
this is what jared does when you say "TOUCHDOWN!!!!!" so adorable!! we train them early in this family!!
there is kurtis, 4th in line from the right. he's waving to me. i think he has a football body. like he stands like them and stuff. he looks tough.

this is at the preview. oh i forgot. the cheerleaders start at Kindergarten too. so at each game there is a cheer group there to cheer on the players!! it's really cute. i don't necessarily agree that the girls should be doing that so early, but whatever. they came out on the field first and then made an isle for the football players. kurtis and his team was one of the first to bust out of the big helmet and run the field.

after the little guys came out, they closed the helmet for the high schoolers. that was a big deal man. the music started and all...and then they come busting out and all the little players have their hands out for high fives and are just loving it all.

the rest of august....

the rest of august was so busy. first of all, we moved to a new place here in town. we love it so much. lots of room, backyard, laundry room and even a 2 car garage. it's great and we are very excited about it all. it was such a blessing to find, and our land lady is great too. with kurtis' football, both big boys in school, and chuck in school, it can be a mad house at times. we've done lots of activities and family functions. all in all it's been a great summer that flew by!

this is some of my family here, they were here for kurtis' first football game. this is also our new house.
it's like their classic usual picture together. trent and chuck.
our living room. not the most updated fireplace, but we'll deal with it.
first OU football game! lots of fun. of course...we won!
i sat with my aunt. we had a good time.
one of jared's favorite games is peek a boo.

okay, chuck and were driving and saw this guy on his motorcycle. luckily, i had the camera with me!!! what the heck?!!?

here are the boys eating their popsicles on the back patio.
this is me and my brother trent, then chuck and his brother tim. tim lives in colorado and came down for a visit, and to go to the Dave Matthews concert with us. here we are, waiting...on the 2nd row, center!!!!!!! it was freakishly hot and humid of course. i'll just tell ya now, it wasn't pleasant waiting there from 5-8....waiting with all those people. but it was so worth it!! you'd understand if you were a Dave fan.
chuck and i at the concert,
here is Dave. we were so so close to him!!
and here is my brother. his first Dave concert, and he catches a
guitar pick and the play list. and not to mention our awesome seats!!!! he was so lucky!
chuck and tim at the concert.
chuck and tim vegging on the the old apt.
we took tim to eskimo joes in stillwater. lots of fun that night too.
we also toured the Blue Bell ice creak factory. the sign said,"no pictures". so what does chuck do?? yes, here is a pic of the factory.
jared eating his free dish of Blue Bell rainbow sherbet. yum!!
blake eating his cotton candy ice cream.