Sunday, August 10, 2008

ummm...duh! i love TWILIGHT!!!!

so of course, we went to the breaking dawm release party!! my friend melani, the one on my left in the pic below, introduced me to them last fall. i was hesitant at first. she was telling me how wonderful this edward guy was and everything. i thought that was a little weird...i mean he's fictional and all. we were just getting to know each other too. so i was kinda thinking, "i really like this girl, but she's in love with a fictional character in this book!" so she brought the book over one night. it sat for a couple weeks. she kept asking me about it, so i HAD to read it. and now, i'm so terribly grateful that she did!!!! thank you mel!! i too, am in love with edward now. i passed it along to my little sister carly, my mom, my older sister faith and my younger sister lauren (though people think she looks older than me). we are now all in love with the most wonderful vampire, yes vampire, ever created. ashton, monica, me, melani and lauren in our home made tees.
melani, me and lauren in line getting our books!!
here we are at ihop. you know how there is always an annoying table of loud people? that was us. we were the annoying people. laughing too loud, saying obviously stupid things that just cracked us up to no end.
lauren and me. and yes, our hair is alike. people keep telling me this. i go to her hair guy now. she talked me into getting it cut like hers. i like it alot. but since people are telling us that she looks older...she growing hers out. i'm growing mine out on the other side to make it even again. i like lop sided, but my hair grows too fast.
this is during the edward vs. jacob debate. ummm duh...we're on the edward side!
we had a blast that night. it was the break that i'd been needing for so long. but now, i need another break. i've been reading and reading and reading. i totally loved it. maybe i should start them all over again. i'm craving it!!

to discipline or not to discipline??

here is blake...fell asleep sorting, again!!
and here's kurty. hmmm...that's a big bowl of beans. i actually didn't make him do all of them. when he wasn't looking, i scooped a ton out, but he was still left with plenty.

my aunt janet from utah came to visit last month. i went down to norman and hung out a few days here and there. we went to an amusement park called Frontier City and had a great time. also while she was here, she noticed some of the problems that i have with my kids. if you didn't know, kurtis is quick to anger, gives the worst looks you can imagine, and has a very sharp tongue. blake, well, that child just doesn't listen!! don't get me wrong, i love them dearly. but man, they can be naughty! well, my aunt janet had the CURE!! it wasn't the usual...time out, take priviledges, spanks or anything like the ordinary things you hear all the time. i'll just give you an extremely short run down. we prompt and guide. now for major mis- behaviors, the kids are put on level one. that consists of separation and sorting. they sort colored paper clips and beans. you'll see in the pics. then level 2 which is mostly separation, missing out on fun stuff. then there is level 3 which is freedom again. there is a whole reward system and everything, but i'm going to go into details about it all. if you want more info, comment and let me know. anyways, when blake gets put on level one, it lasts forever because he never sorts. he will try to do anything, besides sort. even though he know how and all, it's just "too boring" he says. but all in all, this system is working wonders. of course we still have our bad days. but they aren't nearly as bad or often!! and that is wonderful. thanks janet!

down, set, HUT!

alot and not much as been going on. we've been busy with football practice mostly. it's 3 times a week in the evenings. and on practice days, i don't let kurtis do alot of physical activity. it just drains him too much. i let him go swimming the day of the first practice...lets just say that it didn't go well. so now we are staying indoors alot more. kurtis is an awesome football player so far. his positions are right guard and right tackle. he uses his brute strength...and is very successful. when they are practicing, they line the kids up facing one another. they get into the 3 point stance, (when the bend over with one hand on the ground and their butts in the air) and then the whistle blows and they tackle each other. kurtis is always the last one standing. it's really fun to watch. i mean, i don't mean to brag, but my kid is tough!! they were teaching them plays the other night. 3 times in a row, this kid in front of kurtis (the one he's going to tackle/block) turns high tail and runs the other direction!! kurtis just put his hands in the air like, "what the heck?" chuck and i were cracking up. the coach was telling the kid that he had to engage kurtis and try to get him down, but he turned and ran instead. i do feel sorry for the kids that kurtis tackles. i can hear the sounds they make when they hit the ground. poor little guys. in this video, kurtis is going against the only other kid that is bigger than he is. you'll see at the end, i cut it off too early, but the kid goes down! yes, i'm very much getting into this!! kurtis is the one that has red tape on his helmet, and black cleats.