Sunday, February 1, 2009

TTFN Trent

that's what was written on trent's (my little brother) cake at his open house or farewell party. for those of you that don't know tigger, TTFN is Ta Ta For Now. trent used to love tigger. he watched the cartoons over and over and over. trent left for utah today. he's entering the MTC this week and will be moving on to the Oakland, CA mission, Laotian speaking. we are all very excited for him. this last month has flown by so fast. we've been going down to norman each weekend to spend time with him. it was a lot of fun. we will miss him so much while he's gone. but we are also very proud of him.

mom and dad helping trent pack.
mom and trent
jared and trent
chuck and trent
trent, me and jared
blake, trent, jared and kurtis. when we come over they spend alot of time in trent's room singing and jammin'.
mom and trent. trent is web camming with lauren, larry and blythe. they were sick and couldn't come to see him off :(
mostly, trent and chuck are the ones jammin'. they sing like no one can hear them. lets just say they have a great time. :)
jared cried the whole time at the restaurant. the whole ride home. total of about an hour and a half. maybe more. i mean constant. all he wanted to do was swing. that made him a happy boy again. that and a little IB Profen.
here is my little man.
trent saying bye to jared.

big hugs from blake.
aww a big hug from jared too.

kurtis and trent. we are going to see who grows the most while he's gone. hee hee.
this hug made us all cry.

trent and my family.
trent and the boys.