Sunday, October 19, 2008


we've been staying busy here at the parrish house hold. i posted a ton of pics to show what we've been up to. actually, chuck isn't in most of them. he's at school. so alot of it is what i do most days not to go insane!

my dad, sister carly, mom, aunt saisunee, me! we went to kurtis' football game and then rushed home to watch the OU Texas game. yes, we sadly lost. can you see that each of us has red hair spray in our hair??
jared and my brother trent.
my dad and brother trent.
blake and jared. we played at the park and then ate pizza at Lala's house.
kurtis, blake and jared all going down the slide together.
this is just last week. we went to one of the pumpkins patches here. not too bad. the kids had alot of fun. jared wanted to pick this one up himself. he thinks he's such a big boy.

big brother kurtis came to the rescue.

jared goes down the slide all by himself now.

here is lala and blythe and ari in the back. on this day we shopped at Michael's.
blake and mia with their cat ears on.
jared found a pumpkin just his size.
it's a big one!

Monday, October 6, 2008

some pics

blake's self take.blake told me to lay my head on lauren's shoulder and then told lauren to lay her head on my head. he told us it looked good and took the pic.
here is mohawk on games days of course.
playing in the water in the backyard!
we love the backyard! i love letting them go play in the water.
kurtis and blake at the fair.
lauren has photo booth on her mac laptop. super cool and super weird! we had such a good time taking these pics.
kurtis looks like something out of Lord of the Rings.
two headed blake.
we keep telling lauren that blythe's hair is crazy. she takes her hair elastics out and this is what she looks like.

blake came home wearing these the other day. we all cracked up. they are so cute!
they loved washing the car. i thought it was so nice to have a drive way to wash it in!

here is kurtis' self take.

fall is in the air

so i didn't get to have my semi annual cinnamon roll party. that was a bummer. i missed the fun and not to mention the cinnamon rolls! we did have a good weekend though. kurtis has had football games every saturday for a while now. so besides the game, it was a relaxing time at home....much needed not to mention. it seems like we are going somewhere and doing something all the time.
the kids are doing well. they are all growing at the same time. all of the sudden, everyones clothes are too small. chuck is still enjoying school. he's busy, but we all manage. blake is loving pre-K. he thinks he's just such a big boy now. kurtis is doing well in 2nd grade. he's made lots of friends this year and is having a fun time. football is still fun too. jared is getting big. well, not that big. he's a little guy. kurtis and blake were always so big. jared is our little one. chuck says he takes after my genes. that would actually be sad. his brothers are huge and then he's tiny. hopefully he'll catch up. either way, he'll be tough as nails. i've been hanging out with lauren and our friends alot. we do lunch or just go run errands or something. larry, lauren's husband is in Iraq. he left last month. so we've been keeping lauren busy. we've been having a good time. for one of our friends birthdays, we went to see a Boyz II Men concert. they were playing at the fair! since they were there, we only had to pay the admission price to the fair. it was a great concert! loved it. and on top of that, our other friend melani, who loves Boyz II Men, got a back stage pass to meet them!!!! i think she cried 3-4 times afterwards from sheer happiness...not kidding.
well, october is here...and it's still too hot here. that is one thing about oklahoma. i'm always so ready for it to cool down. but in washington, in the spring, it doesn't warm up fast enough. oh well. i did see a few trees' leaves changing colors this morning. we've made our halloween wreath and hung up the skeletons and the lights. the kids really like it. it's so fun for them. i better get dinner going. yea....fall is in the air.