Monday, February 25, 2008


well, it's been another week. not too bad here at the parrish's. wait! i take that back...sort of. the two big boys had the puking flu all weekend. jared kinda has it. poor baby still has a sour stomach. but man, thank goodness it's a 24 hour thing. i was sick on friday night, but felt better saturday. it wiped kurtis out all weekend. needless to say, we watched lots of movies. blake only had a touch of it this time, but he had it a few weeks ago as well. chuck was a trooper, only had a little stomach ache for a bit, and cleaned up all "flu messes". thank you chuck!! so i'm still trying to catch up on the laundry. i did a ton today and will still do a ton tomorrow. also, the disinfecting thing is so old now. i'm tired of it. we clean and clean so our kids don't get sick...yet they get sick anyways. not much else is happening around here. just recuperating from the weekend.

here is kurtis reading his new book from mugga and papa to blake and jared. so nice while i was cooking dinner!
i just think this one is so cute.
jared is just so comfortable here on chuck napping. his mouth gaping open and snoozing! and of course still has ahold of that binky.
i love this picture of blake. it's hooked onto his primary bag for church. they took pictures and made them bags for scriptures and blake didn't want his taken. he either looks so annoyed, like go away, or chuck says he looks like the ladies man. cracks us up!
here's just a cute picture of kurtis. he's missing lots of teeth these days. another on top is about to come out. what a gap that will be!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

i've been tagged...

what was i doing 10 years ago?

i was freezing in rexburg, id. i was a mere freshman at ricks college, now known as byu-idaho. my room mates and i were having a blast eating and staying up too late. i was also cooking for everyone. that's what we! it's almost all you can do in the winter there! or you could go skiing for the first time and fall and strain your knee. i did that too. you can break curfew and get community service hours. or if you were my room mates, you get always get your step aerobics video out and exercise!!! go brianne, linley and tiff!!

what was i doing 5 years ago?

chuck and i had just moved to pullman a few months before. we had kurtis and chuck was getting a masters degree at washington state university. i was making lots of new friends and enjoying my little family.

what was i doing 1 year ago?

well, we were in pullman and i was huge pregnant expecting our 3rd baby boy. chuck and i were also awaiting law school replies. obviously he was accepted cause here we are now in law school. almost 2 semesters down!! i was also religiously walking each day with nikki, liz and sharon. hey if it was 40 degrees that was warm, so we walked outside. if not, we walked inside the Beasley. we also loved to have these big dinners with friends. it was so great to have friends that were interested in food and cooking and eating as much as me! so fun, i miss it alot. and i can't leave out the fart bombs. maybe not so much a year ago, but definitely a year and half ago!!

I enjoy...

i enjoy hearing my kids laugh, reading, listening to good music, watching old movies, cooking and eating. i also love to fart bomb people.

Shows i love...

american idol, heroes, LOST, the office, survivor, the amazing race

Things i hate...

the smell after a candle is blown out, being carsick/nauseated, changing diapers, all housework, being woke up too early, bugs in the house, traffic

Biggest joys...

my family, and the gospel

i tag, melani, nikki, & sharon

Sunday, February 17, 2008

happy valentines!

well, kurtis had a nice time at his party. he of course ate all his goodies before he got home. i looked for his valentine bag they make and he told me he dumped everything in his back pack and threw it away. why are boys like that? i remember keeping mine and all my valentines on my dresser for a long time. just different i guess. blake, jared and i went to a valentine playgroup. she had make these cute little heart shaped sandwiches and had goldfish and things. he loved it.
i've slacked off this past week with working out. this cold i've had has just wiped me out. i'm still not totally well. but i'm getting back in the game this week. i'm so glad that i have someone to work out with...thank you melani!! she's my work out buddy. we put the kids to sleep and then we are off to the gym. well, and while i've been sick....i've been eating. lastnight i made Cafe Rio tacos. they are slightly marvelous! lauren, larry and blythe came over to eat with us. i think we probably all over ate. so working out will be that much harder this week...yea.
good news, chuck got a job on campus. he will translate in an on-campus pro bono office. they will call him when they need him type of thing. very little pay, but more beneficial on his resume. so that's good. well, i guess that's about it. we are looking forward to spring break!! have a good one!!
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why you shouldn't chew on legos....

why you shouldn't chew on legos is what my sister titled her email. this is my neice abby. she was obviously chewing on this lego piece and it just popped in between her two front teeth. my sister tried getting it out, but feared it might break her teeth. it was wedged pretty badly. so they took her into the dentist's office. while the hygenist took her back and tried comforting her, he turned and asked for a camera. my sister had her camera as well, and snapped this shot. poor thing. i'm sure it hurt!! but i couldn't resist posting this!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our little Arthur Spooner

so if you watch the show, King of Queens, you know who i'm talking about. my sister gave jared this sweater vest and we think it looks like Arthur on King of Queens. we think it's pretty cute.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When did they start teaching entrepreneurship in 1st grade?

i know, another post. two in one day. well, i just had to get this on the blog. i promise it will give you a good laugh. here goes....last friday, we picked kurtis up from school. chuck and i were both there. as we were driving off, kurtis held up a $10 bill. he went on to tell us that his friend jonathan gave it to him. of course, chuck and i inquired. he told us that he sold jonathan his marker and his eraser for $10. (i knew which eraser he was talking about. a few days before i found it in his pocket while doing laundry. it was used on both ends and it had been stabbed in the middle with a pencil. kurtis found it on the washing machine and was excited. he went into the bathroom and washed it with soap and spiffed it up. now i know why.) well, we told him how that wasn't an honest deal. and that he will have to give the money back to jonathan. chuck and i were thinking that jonathan probably gave kurtis his lunch account money, cause why else would a kid come to school with a $10 bill? so, on this past monday, kurtis gets in the car after school and is sooooo excited about his new $10 bill. this is the second one! he continues to tell me that he sold all his markers to jonathan. jonathan supposedly wanted these markers really bad. by the way, these are the classroom markers. they belong to the teacher if anyone! kurtis said that his friend jacob used to have them and when he moved he handed them down to kurtis. and now jonathan wanted them. well, anyways, kurtis was very excited. he told us that all the needed wasd 3 more $10 bills and then he will have $50. (good job on the addition there kurtis, it's one good thing that came out of this!) he said with the $50 he is going to buy a surprise from sabrina. who the heck is sabrina?!?!!? i told kurtis, "honey this girl is going to take your money and run!" of course he argued that she really does have a surprise he can buy. we later found out it's a gameboy. kurtis is currently earning his gameboy. i guess he found an easier way to get it....selling school markers and used erasers on the black market.
well, needless to say, i tried calling jonathan's mother and father. but their number didn't work. so i emailed the teacher and let her know about the "dealings" going on with kurtis. she called and was of course shocked. i told her i was going bring her the money and she could get it to jonathan's parents. she said that she's been teaching them about money. i told her, "well, they get it!" we were laughing so hard. oh, and she also said she was going to talk to the kids today. well, yesterday after school, i asked kurtis if his teacher said anything about it. he said, "yeah, she said no buying or selling at school". hopefully, that is that. chuck and i have least it wasn't kurtis buying the crap for $10!!!!

oklahoma weather...bizzare

it was normal for oklahoma. bizzare for all the other places that have actual seasons. it was 85 degrees on monday. it was marvelous, really. chuck came home in the afternoon and we went to pick kurtis up from school. then we headed over their favorite park, where lauren, larry and blythe met us later. it was alot of fun. the sun was warm. chuck noticed the humidity, of course. there was a nice warm breeze. the kids loved it so much. they ran and played and climbed until the sun started to set. they probably played for around 2 hours. it didn't seem that long though. there was a ton of kids there. and then that night, the temp dropped into the 30's. it was cold all day yesterday. we had a thunderstorm, which was fun. i like the thunder! i missed loud thunderous thunder while we lived in washington. the thunder here rattles the windows. well, anyways, we woke up to snow. just a light dusting, really. i don't think chuck had to scrape the windows this morning.

sliding gone wrong. he liked it actually.
little miss blythe
blake will always pose. he loved being out to play!
all 3 boys on the slide. it okay if i play in the dirt???

Monday, February 4, 2008

me and my boys

okay, so i typically i don't put up 2 of almost the same picture. but i thought the looks on the boys' faces were so funny. they were so done taking pictures. and of course, i wanted just one really good one of my 3 boys and me. kurtis still can't open his eyes. he was suppose to open them on the count of 3. and then in last one blake's smile looks like it's begging to the last picture. so cute.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Austin's Baptism

it was a fun weekend. we went to texas for my nephew's Baptism. i'm so glad we got to go. he was suppose to get baptized last weekend. but due to some sick babies, it ws postponed until yesterday. but of course, my baby was sick just in time for the occasion. we all had a really good time. of course we ate good food, that's what my family does good food. the kids played with their cousins and had fun jumping on the trampoline. i should have taken pictures of them out there. oh well, next time. and to all those who commented about LOST. here are a few websites you might be interested in. and
i haven't been able to dive into those yet, but i will this week. hope everyone has a good one. and Dori, what else could you have done??? i don't blame you one bit!
left, my dad, then my brother in law brad, his son austin and then my mom
jared, a rare moment this weekend. he's sick and has been super grumpy.
well, this is also rare. to get all of us in one picture. except i had been taking pictures of the kids for a while. and blake is obviously all smiled out. poor kurtis was having allergy problems. when he opened his eyes, the sun was making them water a ton. and jared, poor little guy, like i said is sick.
this one is good. but i think jared is just about too big for kurtis to carry now!
this is my sister faith and her husband brad and her son austin. it's blurry, but it's the only one i have!