Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A True Christmas Family.

we look forward to this day all year long!! we got to have 2 Christmas celebrations this year! one early one at my parent's house and then one here in tulsa. it was all so much fun. the kids loved playing with their cousins. if you know my family, our get togethers are set around food. no, really, they are! we talk about getting together for whatever occasion and the topic moves to food....always. so of course we had a lot of food. at my parents house, my sister made brisket, and we all made side dishes to go along. mm mm good. then we came back up here to tulsa for Christmas Eve and Christmas. needless to say, chuck and i were up so so so so late wrapping presents that we had had in hiding for months. it was fun though, always is. Christmas morning was a blast. the kids were loving every minute of it. they were so excited to see what Santa had brought them. especially kurtis, he changed his letter 3 times. the 3rd time being that night! he prayed that Santa would know what he wanted. so cute. it's always so nice to see the kids excited and giddy for Santa. it's a fun time for chuck and i both. well, i had my family come over for breakfast this morning. we of course ate too much. but it was just beginning. for the time was growing closer for the Thai feast that we were about to prepare! after breakfast, my 2 aunts, nunsri and saisunee, stayed and helped me make Chinese dumplings. they were alot of work and and it took until 1pm to finish. but they were delicious!!!! then we headed over to lauren's house for the feast. so so so so much food! we ate too much again and loved it all! one of the best things about living closer to home, is having my dad cook. it's so nice to have someone else cook what i want to eat, and they cook it the right way! thanks dad! it was all so much fun. we all enjoyed ourselves. the kids loved their presents and being with family. tonight, on the way home, the kids and i were talking about how Christmas will soon be over and people will take their lights down. blake mentioned that we will all have to wait for Christmas to come next year. and they boys truly do that very thing. they are waiting for Christmas starting the day after Christmas.

i can't believe all that has happened this year. it's all gone by so fast. this time last year chuck and i were praying that he get accepted to a law school and i was pregnant with jared. we've now moved and chuck is finished with his first semester of law school. we have 3 boys which seem to have grown a ton. it's all flying by so quickly. chuck and i have been truly blessed. we hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you have a happy new years as well.

this is the group picture we took over Thanksgiving. it was a surprise for my parents. these are all the cousins together. obviously you know my boys, the other two boys: austin the older one, the younger one is alex and their sister is abby, the older girl. then the baby girl is blythe. she is the newest.
they got to open 2 presents Christmas Eve...think he's happy about what's inside?? it's Megatron!! he is a transformer for those of you that don't know. really, it was a true miracle we found him.
blake loves his new jammies! thank you uncle timmy and auntie rebecca!
here is what Santa left for the kids. boy were they surprised. this was the first time they were up before us on a Christmas morning. chuck is usually the giddy one waking the kids up Christmas morning. but we heard gasping and little excited whispers coming back up the stairs this morning at 6:30am. it was alot of fun.

jared didn't care for the cold snow.
top left:my little sister lauren, then my youngest sister carly. bottom row: my aunt nunsri, my older sister faith and my little brother trent. the only one of us missing is mallory.

all the same except my aunt saisunee in the bottom middle.
here is my nephew austin and his huge gigantic muscles!! he's qite proud of them.
last week, kurtis asked me, "mom 3 days before Christmas, can i play in the snow as long as i want?" my reply was something along the lines..."if we have snow, sure!" well, sure enough, 3 days before Christmas, it snows!! this is kurtis and his cousin austin catching snow in their mouths. we didn't even pack coats cause it was 60 degrees the day before!!
blake lost his little Elmo. he's so happy it's been replaced!!
this is one of blake's prized presents this year. it's a "lap top" just like dad's.
kurtis finally got the spy watch he's been wanting so badly.
and here's jared, just as happy as can be.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ice Storm!!!!

well, as a lot of you know, Oklahoma had a horrible ice storm this last week. we were without power for a day and part of a night. we went to my sister's house and hung out there all day....thank goodness. it was freezing in our house! the power came back on that evening and we came home and put the kids to bed in the warm house and it was fine. the pictures i've posted are of my parent's house. they got hit really badly. all of their trees are broken. they had some really close calls of being crushed by the limbs and things. the young men from church came yesterday and helped clean up the yard. a lot of people are still without power. we were very blessed. the kids held up quite well. kurtis was out of school everyday but friday last week. he was pleased about that. he only has 3 days this week. our Christmas shopping is almost done. we have a few things left to get still. we'll see if toys r us restocks in what i need. well, i hope all is well, and you are having a wonderful holiday season!

the kids in front of the tree!
cheesey blake
jared and his Sonic Tots