Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meet Oliver!! Our new Weimaraner Puppy!

Chuck and I decided to get the boys a puppy for Christmas back in the summer. After alot of research we decided that the Weimaraner would be a perfect dog for our family. They are hunters, retrievers, loving companions, and protective. It just sounds like the boys would love a dog that is going to play rough and tough with them. Along with that, I wanted a big dog that would protect us if needed. Also, they don't shed much and are pretty clean dogs. That is a huge plus! I found a breeder and she had a litter that was going to be ready in mid-December. We were going to have her keep it until Christmas Eve and give him to the boys that night. But as of Friday night, I couldn't wait. So we broke the news to the kids and they were so excited! We left early Saturday morning to pick him up. It was a 31/2 hour drive there. Finally, we got there and had him in our arms. Yes, I know this sounds like I'm talking about a baby. But it really is like adding a new person to the family. Weimaraners live 10-15 years, so hopefully, he's around a long long time. We already love him so much.
Kurtis and Oliver this morning in the backyard.
Oliver biting Kurtis' ear.
Blake and Oliver.
Jared totally loves Ollie. He climbed right in his bed and wanted me to go get his pillow so he could sleep with him. No, I didn't let him.
Jared says, "Awww, he choot". (cute)

Friday, December 11, 2009

picture catch up time. Aug-Dec 2009

they swam all summer long. small pool, but we loved it!

okay this is a money booth!! it was a new bank and they had all these festivities. we showed up for the money booth. you had to grab the money in the air and cram it through this little slit in the wall. somehow, i crammed $100 out!!!! great day for me!
this is what i found blake doing while he was suppose to be picking up toys in the backyard.

jared and his bumba(grandpa, my dad)


blythe and jared. see, he makes kurtis faces.


jared and kurtis after a football game.

Halloween church party. the boys were mad cause they couldn't wear their masks in the church.

poor blake, the one on the side is from when someone opened the door and of course his head was in the way. that one looks great compared to what it did look like. then, the one in the middle is from the park. a kid was throwing huge rocks and blake's poor head caught one. split it right open. so they glued it closed. needless to say, his head looked terrible for a few weeks.

kurtis is #40. chuck calls this one, walking with a purpose.

boys in an air force helicopter.

jared and cousin alex in texas.

the 2007 cousins. all born that year.

blythe and jared

i love this pic of alex. so sweet.

carly and abby


i said he was imaginative.

blythers! chubby cheeks!

lauren and i at new moon.
mom, carly, lauren, me and faith. dinner before new moon!

dad and our family. weekend before deployment.
blake and his faces. the kids decorated gingerbread houses last week. it was really fun. lots of icing and candy.
carly, blythe and alex.
kurtis and austin
kurtis' gingerbread house. the gingerbread people are sword fighting with candy canes on the roof. that is a red OU to the left. :)

jared's house. i helped with his.
blake decorating grammie's Christmas tree.

It's Always Something

well, i know i haven't written in forever. that's just how busy we've been! like the title says, "it's always something". the semester did finally start for chuck. it went well. i say went, because he's taking his next to last final right now as i type. after this, only one more semester left!! the other night we were thinking what it might be like to have thanksgiving and christmas without the stress of finals. how wonderful that will be! i don't know if i put it in my last post, but chuck was offered to finish out the internship throughout the school year. so it' been great. we don't see him all that much, but we are so grateful that's he is working so hard at school and work.

as for kurtis, he played football again this year and was awesome! it's like the game really clicked with him this year. he made some awesome tackles. he plays right tackle on defense and left tackle on offense, or vice versa. he played so well. yes, i'm bragging, but his team came in 2nd place in the finals. some of the games were so exciting and very fun. 3rd grade is going well. he says it's hard and has too much work. thing is, that kurtis can totally do the work, he just doesn't want to. but he has a wonderful teacher this year that is right on top of it all. she is a loop teacher. meaning she will keep this class for 3rd and 4th grade. i love that. there won't be a big adjustment next year. and she'll already know kurtis and his tricks. :)

blake is a great kindergartner! he loves it. he's reading and writing and doing so well. he's very excited about reading and i am so glad. he can spell all the colors and many other words. his teacher does alot of songs that go along with spelling and math. he can memorize anything if it's set to music! he is our imaginative child. always pretending with his toys and singing all kinds of songs. when we walk into a store or some place playing music, it's blake that breaks out in a dance. not a little foot tapping either. i mean a real dance. he gets to start football next year. he wants to play so badly. it will be fun to watch the difference of kurtis and blake on the field. blake is less intimidating looking. he's tall and thin. kurtis has a huge build. people look at him and know he plays football and plays on the line. but he's not super aggressive out on the field. kurtis also weighs too much to carry the ball. you have to fall into a certain weight bracket to carry/run the ball. blake will be able to carry the ball. he's also fast and more aggressive in sports. so we are excited for that too. and then there is poor little jared. he wants to be one of the big boys so badly. he likes to do a 3 point stance and have one of his brothers say, "down, set, HUT!!" then off he goes running and tackles you. it's pretty cute. so far, jared is a good mix of kurtis and blake. he very imaginative as well. as we walked through target the other day he imformed me that he was baby rogue and i was a jedi master. our soda bottles were light sabers. we had many light saber battles in target that day. i got some funny looks. he likes to open his arms and pretend that he's flying and is constantly playing. and then he's like kurtis in the way that he makes the exact same faces and looks. kurtis is def his snuggle buddy. if they are watching tv or a movie, he's right there all snuggled up. jared calls kurtis and blake, "his boys". he'll say, "when are we going to pick up my boys from school?" their cousin blythe calls all 3 of them her boys. i think they are officially, "The Boys". all 3 of them get along so great. chuck and i are truly happy with all of them. yes, they are rowdy and loud...alot. but they are boys and they love to play and have a good time. they also each have their quiet sweet times that they are so loving and caring. i enjoy being a mother of boys. like the title says, "it's always, something".