Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Congrats to Trent!!

my little brother received his mission call the other night. drum roll......he's going to the Oakland, CA Mission, Laotian speaking!!!!! congrats trent. chuck and the kids and i love you very much. good luck!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

jared likes to get free rides around the house on papa's walker. they have a good time.
me in the kitchen. i actually fell asleep and got up right in time for dinner. all i made was the mashed potatoes.

here is blake and new fighter jet. he's quite proud.

here's kurtis and his nerf gun. he has alot of nerf guns already, but wanted another and loves this one too.
jared opening his wonder pets toy. he loves it.

jared and papa rocking. jared is quite taken with his papa.

jared loves mashed potatoes.

this one is actually in oklahoma before we left it was like super super cold. and this is what kurtis wore to get the mail. it's his hat that my dad brought back from Azerbaijan.

well well well. what have the parrish's been up to you ask? a ton!! i haven't posted in such a long time. football finally ended for kurtis. they had a great season and he wants to play next year too. now the boys, kurtis and blake are playing basketball. both of them are doing pretty well. seems that alot of the parents had the same idea as chuck and i and put their football players in basketball. kurtis' first game was going well, and then 2 players on his team totally wrapped up and tackled these two other kids! poor things. the gym floor is so hard. the coach took a time out and gathered them together and yelled pretty loud, "DO NOT WRAP UP!!!" he said it a couple of times. the kids were fine so all was well. it was funny. thank goodness kurtis wasn't one of the tacklers. he actually stopped to help the hurt kids. we thought that was nice for a sec and then yelled for him to tun down court!! blake's game was cute as could be. all these 3 and 4 year olds were making alot of baskets. blake is really good at rebounding the ball. no tackling during that game. :) chuck has been studying and going to school of course. this semester was just as bad as the first two so he says. i'm sure he did fine. we are still waiting on grades. hopefully they will post this week. i've been keeping busy of course. with the kids in sports, it really makes those days really really busy. late dinner and late to bed it seems. but i have to admit, i like the sports. i like seeing the kids out there playing and being competitive. i think i get a little overboard sometimes, but i can't help it. i am a yeller at the games. so far the kids haven't told me that i embarrass them. jared is growing so fast these days. we do alot of get togethers with my friends and their kids as well. blake and jared both enjoy those. as do i. we all get a break. sadly, lauren, larry and blythe moved away this last month. jared and blythe are quite close and miss each other very much when apart. they ask for each other frequently. it's sad. but lauren comes down to tulsa a couple times a week. so we get together and play. i only have a few pics to post right now. we are currently in washington visiting chuck's family. we are having a fun time...besides the horrible weather. in all the years i lived here, it never did this here. tons and tons of snow with temps below freezing or in the one digits. i'm happy we live in oklahoma with the warmer winters now. we want to get out and visit friends, but not sure we can make it up north with all the snow. the other thing that we've been doing, is seeing the TWILIGHT movie!!! i've seen it 6 times now. yes you read it right. 6 times. and i'll go more. hey, it's not just me. all my sisters but one, and my mother have seen it several times too. actually, 4 out of the 6 times has been with them. we all love it and can't get enough! we all love edward!! so i guess that's been taking some of my time :) so here are some pics since we have been here in washington. i'll post past pics another time after our trip. hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.