Monday, March 23, 2009

yes we are still here

so we are still here. things have just been really busy. seems like we are always on the go. taking someone somewhere. and then my sister mallory and her new baby beck came to visit at the beginning of the month. that was fun. we went to the aquarium and got to hang out with the fam. before my brother left on his mission, we started this thing at my parent's house. they have one of those portable fire pits in their backyard. so we build a fire and roast marshmallows and make smores. it's alot of fun. so this time was mallory's first time for the family campfire. we laugh and sing songs, and we also do this mean thing. we try to take horrible pictures of each other. that's where alot of the fun comes in actually. i am on facebook and i post most of our pics there. you can come find me if you want. but we are all on entire family. so we take these bad pics and post them and make funny comments about them. mean, but very fun. all the kids are doing well. all growing and getting smarter everyday. amazing what they know at such young ages. jared loves his big brothers. he runs and chases after them everyday. he naps late in the afternoon. then we go get the big boys from school. and when they come home, he immediately asks them "outside! outside!" it's cute. he gives them both a light saber, (we have 3 of course) and then they play star wars. it's so cute. he really thinks he's one of them, trying to keep up. blake is still loving school, pre-K. he does well, and has lots of friends. kurtis is doing well, too. he's such a good reader now and his teacher told me i didn't even need to come in for parent teacher conference! now those of you that know of kurtis and last year's reports...he's doing a world of difference this year. we are so happy about that. he's excited for football this summer and fall. he also got the news today that he is going to have his tonsils out in a couple weeks. yay! he needs them out!! they are huge and he gets strep all the time! it's awful. he's actually excited as well. he told me he's ready to eat popsicles and ice cream. typical kurtis. he's funny. chuck is chugging along in school as well. almost done with this semester. you know, it's actually more difficult in the summers that the school year for us. summers include classes and work...that doesn't pay much at all. last summer he was gone alot. so when school started in the fall, it was a relief. backwards, huh. we will see how this summer goes. anyways, i will try to keep up the blog better. hope this finds you all well.

this is my nephew alex. we just got through with pics of the cousins at target. he was so naughty. but of course, what a cute adorable smile he gives me after wards. you'll see....the other pics.
here i am with my sister faith at our favorite mexican restaurant.

i took this pic. while the photographer was trying to get the kids all in order, i was taking snap shots. one girl is still missing. she's bawling somewhere.

this is my new nephew beck. he's a cutie. and funny, i didn't notice before, but he looks like the turtle on his head.

kurtis and his basketball medal.

blake with his team and medal.

blake at the anaconda tank at the aquarium.