Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall Break

there is this bird tent you can go into and feed the birds sugar water. they just come and land on you. for some reason they really liked my mom and her purse.
kurtis loved it!!
blake, not so much.
we could have taken it home!! little nosey thing.

here are the boys, kurtis, blake and jared.

Fall Break October 21, 2007

i guess it stinks in the pacaderm building...where the elephants and hippos live
my mom, grammie, helping with the painting.
water misters were set up around the zoo. of course my kids played in them until they were half soaked.
here is blake feeding a sheep a grape.

Fall Break October 21, 2007

i'm a nice mom!!
kurtis and his's a spider
blake and his pumpkin...pirate ship


Fall Break October 21, 2007

well, it was fall break this week. the kids and i have been looking forward to it for a while now. the kids and i went down to norman to visit their grandparents, grammie and bumba and their aunt carly and uncle trent. chuck stayed behind and went to school. needless to say, he got a lot of studying done, and caught up on some much needed sleep. we had a great time. we carved pumpkins, i mean, i carved the pumpkins. the kids painted them. they had a blast doing the pumpkins. not an easy task i must say...very tedious. then we went to the zoo. that was fun. hot day, but the cool breeze was nice. i think our favorites were the apes. and lets see....what else did we do? oh yeah, when we weren't entertaining the kids, we were eating. :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kurtis and Blake 4-07
Mommy, Blake and Jared 9-07
Kurtis is so sweet. He loves taking care of Jared, and he does such a great job. This is right before we moved to Oklahoma. Chuck and I were packing up the house while Kurtis held Jared. It was probably midnight, and he just sat and held Jared until he passed out himself.7-07
My sister Carly with Jared 8-18-07

Sweet Kurtis 4-07

Chuck with Kurtis and Blake 7-07

Here's Kurtis at the Tulsa Zoo park. 9-28-07

Awesome set up, huh?!?!
Far left, my sister Carly, then my sister Lauren, in the back, my mom, then my dad and then Kurtis. 10-6-07

10-6-07 Jared

CHEESE!!! I can't see the T.V!!!

Kurtis got his hair spray painted at the school carnival. He was pretty proud. 10-5-07
the boys got to do a Home Depot project on Saturday. they made firetrucks. Of course, they loved it!! 10-6-07

One of Jared's favorites is Bath Time!! He loves the warm water running on him. It's when he's most relaxed and content. I thought I better snap some pictures since he's not going to fit in the sink much longer!!