Tuesday, May 27, 2008

same ol' things...

well, kurtis got a game boy. and this is what it looks like when anyone is playing it. the kids are looking over one another's shoulders to see what's happening!

this is a walker we saw at babies r us. it's a little car and it was so cute. jared loved it. too bad i don't believe in walkers.
just a cute pic. he loves to laugh. look at those teeth!!
he loves to knock towers we build with blocks. he just can not resist.
here's kurtis on his bike. poor little guy doesn't know he's getting a new bike for his birthday. he's huge on his old one.

happy birthday to blake

it was a great weekend. we celebrated blake's birthday. thank you to all that were able to come. we all had a blast with everyone. we went to a tulsa driller's baseball game friday night. thank goodness it wasn't too hot or humid. yeah right. it was really hot and humid. but it later cooled off a bit with a breeze. chuck and trent of course stayed for the entire game. the rest of us left early. around the 7th inning...i'm done and so were the kids. so it worked out. blake is 4 now and is such a big boy. he uses such big boy words too. like, "dang it" and "what the heck?" i have no idea where he's learned such things. he'll be in pre-k next year and that will be great for him. and for a few hours of the day it'll just be jared and i at home....what can that be like?!
my aunt saisunee, me and my lil sis carly. these aren't our regular clothes...jammies.
here's blake w/ his birthday balloons!
blake's giving kurtis a giant thank hug for the huge bad of m&m's he got him.
blake is sporting the new ou basketball outfit he got. he just put it right over his regular clothes.
this is what chuck and i got him. he loves it of course and is riding it daily.
there was a big group of us! lots of fun!!
here's blake polishing off his ballpark hot dog.
i tried getting a pic of everyone looking at me...as you can see, only a few cooperated.
here are a great friends brad and melani and their little girl ari.
this is my aunt saisunee holding blythe, then my dad, my mom.

Friday, May 9, 2008

any similarities??

see any similarities??

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

rainy days

chuck has one more final on friday. we haven't seen too much of him for a few weeks now. he's really ready for the semester to be over. we can't believe we are almost done with the first year of law school!! yea!!
this last weekend my dad was out of town, so my mom and the kids came up to visit. we went to the zoo...tulsa zoo isn't anything special. but it gave us something to do i guess. then on sunday, i made a big cinco de mayo dinner. it was alot of fun. nikki and liz, the mango salsa was so good. brought back some memories of last summer and being pregnant and not being able to stop myself from the salsa! i miss that! i also made the bacon wrapped jalapenos. those of course are always awesome! anyways, they are all coming back up for mother's day this weekend and we are making chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, fried okra and i think i'll make the mango salsa again cause it was just so darn good!!! and, my dad didn't get to try it yet.
well, right now we are having a big storm. there have been 6 tornadoes touch down in the tulsa area this evening. our sirens went off twice. once we knew that it was skimming by us, chuck and i did a drill with the kids. we showed them what we would do if there really was a tornado. it went pretty well. school is almost out and summer is about to begin. here are some pics of what's been going on here. lauren and i went to the mall twice this week already. it's only wednesday. but it was rainy both days and we wanted out of the house!

here is jared and kurtis. this is before i cut jared's mohawk. i think they look so much alike.
here is jared in his new life jacket. we got it free at a kid's safety thing last weekend! score!
jared likes to steal blythe's snacks...even though they are the same as his own.
lauren and blythe
blythe having lunch at the mall. she likes her food!
here's jared...he's already done with his lunch. he's a happy boy.
blake got new Cars flip flips from the Disney store. he was extremely proud of them that day. so proud, he took of picture of them.
here is blake at the mall play yard. he got to play while we fed the babies.
here's kurtis posing.
blythe and jared got to ride around together at the aquarium. looks like they are on some kind of ride.