Monday, April 28, 2008

new hair cut

here is jared's new haircut!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

summer is just around the corner and we can feel it here. it's been so humid the last couple days. especially this morning, cause we had huge thunderstorms for so long last night. then instead of that nice crisp morning air, it's all thick, warm and humid. it was windy though so that was nice. it's so much worse with no wind. well, it's thursday night, you know what that means...good shows. gotta go!

jared fell asleep in his paypen sitting up the other night. here are kurtis and jared snuggling in the morning while i get ready. they are so much alike these two.
jared is balancing on his own now. i wanted a cute pic by the flowers, but he wouldn't cooperate.
blake and kurtis played nerf dart game thing at my mom's this last weekend. i think they look cute in all their "protective" gear.
just watching tv....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

before watching the video, you will need to click the pause button on the music player. (black box on the right hand side of screen) the music interferes.

Click to play Family Garden
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

anyone know eleanor rigby??

well, thanks to kurtis, i do! i've woke up for 2 mornings in a row to him singing eleanor rigby....loudly. for those of you that don't know, it's a beatles song. and kurtis loves the beatles. so does blake. a few weeks ago, blake was at the bank with chuck and he was singing, "she loves you yeah yeah yeah." the bank teller leaned down and asked him if he was singing about the Lord or the beatles. it was cute. he told her the beatles and she told him that he just made her day.
the boys love music. and i think it's funny that they like the beatles so much. it's the cd in car that they ask for the most.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

pics of the week

not too much to report this week. here are some pics.

here's what happens when you fall asleep holding a magic marker all night.
hmmm..remember the old tv show fame?
two buddies...most of the time.
this is just a sweet pic i got of jared sleeping on me.
we didn't do much, we were mostly sick with strep throat and we all had to stay indoors away from other people. i think kurtis missed recess the most from school. and i think he's just about all caught up on school work. blake is staying busy during the day with jared. he's a great big brother. he's loving the new nickelodeon show: Ni Hao Ki Lan. he and kurtis are learning chinese. they love it. and i do too. they like to talk to my dad and tell him the new words they know. even though my dad speaks thai, he knows a tiny bit of chinese as well. chuck is doing well. he's studying alot. but what's new with that?
i've been wanting to start a quilt lately. i think this is the wrong timing though, with chuck starting finals here soon. i'll just have too much going on. well, i am going to go to bed now. ya'll take care now, ya hear?!
p.s. all the good show come back on this week!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

april fool's...

well, it's been a eventful weekend and week so far. kurtis got sick in the middle of the night on saturday. then he was sick all day sunday. monday, his tummy was better, but he had a fever and a sore throat. today, we went to the dr. and you guessed it....strep throat. poor thing. he's been laying around feeling so bad. and if you know kurtis, something is definitely wrong if he's down and doing nothing. after the dr. told me it was strep i asked if she would please swab blake's throat. for those of you that don't know, blake can be a silent carrier of strep. he doesn't get the fever and sore throat like most. he gets a light itchy rash on his back...or that's what's happened the last 2 times. it just looks like eczema. so it didn't alarm me at all. but then when the strep thing came up today, i KNEW he had it too. his little rash is just going away. and i was right, he tested positive. so, we have kurtis who is just laid up with this illness and then we have blake who has the same illness and is still bouncing off the walls. so far, jared doesn't have it, or isn't showing signs at least. but anyways, i took these pics of blake today. i thought they were funny. oh, and happy april fools! i did fool my mom and lauren that i was pregnant today. that was funny. my mom fell for it longer than lauren...hee hee.

ok, first you have to know that blake drank out of a water bottle today and obviously put his top lip in and sucked on the bottle. yes, that is a hickey above his upper lip. anyways... i asked blake to make a happy face.
i'm scared face!
a mad face!
this one is my favorite...i'm sad face.
wasn't it nice of blake to refill jared's tray with a million cheerios? he's done it before with more!