Friday, December 11, 2009

picture catch up time. Aug-Dec 2009

they swam all summer long. small pool, but we loved it!

okay this is a money booth!! it was a new bank and they had all these festivities. we showed up for the money booth. you had to grab the money in the air and cram it through this little slit in the wall. somehow, i crammed $100 out!!!! great day for me!
this is what i found blake doing while he was suppose to be picking up toys in the backyard.

jared and his bumba(grandpa, my dad)


blythe and jared. see, he makes kurtis faces.


jared and kurtis after a football game.

Halloween church party. the boys were mad cause they couldn't wear their masks in the church.

poor blake, the one on the side is from when someone opened the door and of course his head was in the way. that one looks great compared to what it did look like. then, the one in the middle is from the park. a kid was throwing huge rocks and blake's poor head caught one. split it right open. so they glued it closed. needless to say, his head looked terrible for a few weeks.

kurtis is #40. chuck calls this one, walking with a purpose.

boys in an air force helicopter.

jared and cousin alex in texas.

the 2007 cousins. all born that year.

blythe and jared

i love this pic of alex. so sweet.

carly and abby


i said he was imaginative.

blythers! chubby cheeks!

lauren and i at new moon.
mom, carly, lauren, me and faith. dinner before new moon!

dad and our family. weekend before deployment.
blake and his faces. the kids decorated gingerbread houses last week. it was really fun. lots of icing and candy.
carly, blythe and alex.
kurtis and austin
kurtis' gingerbread house. the gingerbread people are sword fighting with candy canes on the roof. that is a red OU to the left. :)

jared's house. i helped with his.
blake decorating grammie's Christmas tree.


Liz said...

Hey I thought I was bad about posting regularly. You make me look good. I'm glad to see Kurtis is just as much a boy as ever. Love the sword fighting gingerbread people. Are you coming to see me when I come to Mississippi next month?!

Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-) you should look at this emo boy one over this blog: