Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meet Oliver!! Our new Weimaraner Puppy!

Chuck and I decided to get the boys a puppy for Christmas back in the summer. After alot of research we decided that the Weimaraner would be a perfect dog for our family. They are hunters, retrievers, loving companions, and protective. It just sounds like the boys would love a dog that is going to play rough and tough with them. Along with that, I wanted a big dog that would protect us if needed. Also, they don't shed much and are pretty clean dogs. That is a huge plus! I found a breeder and she had a litter that was going to be ready in mid-December. We were going to have her keep it until Christmas Eve and give him to the boys that night. But as of Friday night, I couldn't wait. So we broke the news to the kids and they were so excited! We left early Saturday morning to pick him up. It was a 31/2 hour drive there. Finally, we got there and had him in our arms. Yes, I know this sounds like I'm talking about a baby. But it really is like adding a new person to the family. Weimaraners live 10-15 years, so hopefully, he's around a long long time. We already love him so much.
Kurtis and Oliver this morning in the backyard.
Oliver biting Kurtis' ear.
Blake and Oliver.
Jared totally loves Ollie. He climbed right in his bed and wanted me to go get his pillow so he could sleep with him. No, I didn't let him.
Jared says, "Awww, he choot". (cute)

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