Friday, April 30, 2010

The Time has Come!!!!! Finally!!

Well, the time has come for Chuck to graduate!!! YEA!!!! Yes, we are very very excited! The actual date is May 8th. We can't believe he's actually almost finished. Of course looking back, time has flown by so fast. In the moments of stress, it seemed like school was never ending. We aren't done with the stress of school yet though. Don't forget about the little test called the BAR EXAM. He graduates on a Saturday and begins BAR study classes on Monday. Test time is July. Pray and keep your fingers crossed for him!! As far as a job goes, he has an offer here and in Washington. Yes, it's a touchy subject...I want to stay and he wants to go. Overall, I'm very proud of Chuck. He's worked hard for all of us and we are thankful.

We are nearing the end of another school year for the kids, and yes, they are ready. Kurtis has matured alot this year. Lets just say he's not faking not being able to read anymore. :) He does his homework if I make him, but does an outstanding job on all his book reports and projects. He still thinks school is boring though. Blake on the other hand, loves school. He's a great student and makes great grades. I can't believe he's going to finish Kindergarten already. When we moved here, Kurtis was entering first grade and Blake couldn't even go to Pre-K yet. Wow.

Jared and I have a great time together while the boys are at school. He misses them all day though. Yesterday, as we left the school parking lot, he said, "I love my boys". All three of them are quite close and we love that. It's wonderful to hear them pray for each other and see them growing together. Yes, we are terribly busy, but what else would we do? We would get bored if we didn't have 2-3 baseball games a week plus practices squeezed in there, too. Chuck and I sometimes have 2 games going and take turns at each game. It will be nice when Chuck isn't at school late and it won't be just me going back and forth to the games. Kurtis starts football conditioning here in a couple weeks. Then, the actual football season kicks off in July...practices and so forth. Blake is playing as well this year. How the heck Chuck and I are going to manage, I don't know. But still, we are all excited!! On top of everything else, we do have a very hyper puppy, Oliver. He's become a wonderful member of our family. We all love him so much. We weren't really "dog/animal" people before. I'm not sure what changed, but yes, sometimes, Oliver even sleeps in our bed. More and more, he sleeps only in his kennel, because for one, he's huge. Second, he doesn't want to lay at our feet. He jumps up on the bed and goes to the top and lays his head on my pillow in the middle of Chuck and I, lays on his back and snores very loud. I don't how it happened, but I picked a dog that acts just like my kids. :)


Casey&Mal said...

I am surprised that you still have the password to your Blogger account!!!!

I love the updates. We miss you guys so much.
We're soooo proud of Chuck!!!!!! It's been a long time coming and we're very excited for you guys!
Good luck on the OK/WA battle....

Love you guys!

Campbells said...

Ya for getting back into blogging! We miss you guys and think of you often....... your kids are so grown up! Keep me posted on your job debate!!

Bowles said...

Congrats on finishing school!! Good luck on the Bar Exam. I am sure Chuck will do well.
The boys look so big. I am sure life is busy. We think of you guys often and its always nice to hear life for your family is good.
Take Care,